Sussus Invaders, 1st place at the French Robotic Cup 2019


Thank you to our partners.


Thank you to Traco Power for high quality DC/DC.

Go to Elsys Design

Elsys Design

Thank you to Elsys Design for the financial support.

Go to Sick


Thank you to Sick for the material support.
Quality of Sick sensors will improve robustness of our robots.

Go to Gysin


Thank you to Gysin for the material support.
Gysin provided us gearbox with engines.

Go to Faulhaber


Thank you to Faulhaber for the material support.
Faulhaber provided us gearbox with engines.

Go to Würth Elektronik

Würth Elektronik

Thank you to Würth Elektronik for the material support.
All connectors of our boards have been provided by Würth.

Go to FriendlyElec


Thank you to FriendlyElec for the material support.
FriendlyElec provided us NanoPi M2A boards, LCD and accessories.



Thank you to Baumer for the material support.
Baumer provided us US sensors.

Go to Vicatronic


Thank you to Vicatronic for the material support.
Vicatronic provided us encoders.

Go to Microchip


Thank you to Microchip for the material support.
Microchip provided us development board and CAN Analyzer.

Go to Norelem


Thank you to Norelem for the material support.
Norelem provided us expansive hub.

Go to Igus


Thank you to Igus for the material support.
Igus provided us helical screws. Discover the student program Yes.



Thank you to JLCPCB for the material support. JLCPCB provided us our PCB (Power board, SLI board and NanoPi Shield).

Go to John Steel

John Steel

Thank you to John Steel for the material support.
John Steel prepared our engine block and electronic box.

Go to ESME Sudria

ESME Sudria

Thank you to our former engineering school for the support.

Our performances

« our goal, the performance »

2019 : 1st place (French robotic cup)
2018 : transition year (new members in the team)
2017 : 3rd place (French robotic cup) (5th in the qualification rounds)
2016 : 5th place (French robotic cup) (3nd in the qualification rounds)
2015 : top10 place (French robotic cup) (2nd in the qualification rounds)
2014 : top10 place (French robotic cup) (2nd in the qualification rounds)
2013 : 23rd place (French robotic cup)
2012 : 46th place (French robotic cup)
2011 : 28th place (French robotic cup)
2011 : 3rd place (IDF robotic cup)

  • 1 of ~200 teams (2019)

  • 3 of ~20 teams (2011)

Our team

Our team brings together enthusiast members of robotics and innovation.
Goal of the SUSSUS INVADERS team is to win the French Robotic cup "Eurobot" and to share our knowledge with the community. .

Quentin Mercier

Team member

Robotic Software Engineer at GE.
President of Sudriabotik in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
– Electronics: development of boards.
– Software: robot programming.
– Strategy: reflection on the actions to be performed by our robots.

Raphaël Bourguignon


Junior Project Manager R&D at Castalie.
– Mechanical: mechanical systems, modeling with CATIA V5, assembly.
– Strategy: reflection on the actions to be performed by our robots.

Pierre-Emmanuel Balandreau


Software Design Leader P2/P3 (innovation) at Valeo.
President of Sudriabotik in 2009 and 2010.
Electronics, Software, Strategy and Partnerships.

Vincent Boizeau

2011-2017 : Former member

Research engineer at EDF R&D.
President of Sudriabotik in 2008.
Former responsable of Mechanical, Community Manager and partnerships.


Eurobot Cup 20208 juillet 2020